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Want To Use The Smart Switch, You Should Know The Following Six Things:
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1, induction switch sensing distance is limited, ceiling should not be too high, the wall type need to choose a good location.

2, if the people in the induction range for a long time no action, it is very likely that the sensor switch can not sense the changes in the infrared and turn off the lights, so the need for long stay in the induction range of people, every period of time to move, or The delay time is adjusted to a long enough time.

3, the switch should not be installed in the door, outlet, window and other strong air flow activities, so as not to cause malfunction.

4, switch sensor range can not have a screen, cut off, so as not to affect the induction effect.

5, the installation should be far away from the heating, air conditioning, refrigerators, stoves and other temperature sensitive places.

6, the sensitivity of the sensor switch factory is usually to choose a balance point, not too sensitive because of self-Kai, nor because it is too slow and off constantly. This is like everyone familiar with the voice switch, too sensitive to a little noise to automatically open, too slow and need to clap the stomp to open. To this end, love Puri exclusive launch of the sensitivity of the BRT-380 sensor switch to meet the needs of different user environments.