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Light Remote Control Very Human Nature, Check Whether The Normal Function
- Aug 04, 2017 -

According to the current trend of the Internet wind popular, and Internet manufacturers "streamlined" design concept, the development of Light Remote Control  keys seems to slide to the "almost no" margin, a large number of OTT and new projector device Light Remote Control  key few several. However, this simple can not be a simple Light Remote Control  design tastes for high-end audio and video fever users, may not stomach. Such users often have a large number of powerful, complex operation of ultra-high-definition players, amplifiers, audio and other equipment, simple keys of the Light Remote Control  often lead to operational complexity and poor experience.

For such users, open Bor 4K Blu-ray player in particular the development of a light-emitting full-function Light Remote Control , especially for local 4K / 3D Blu-ray playback settings such as Light Remote Control  has been greatly optimized. Through the local viewing user operating habits of the investigation and analysis, open the Bor 4K Blu-ray player Light Remote Control  set the repeat, track, set, 3D, information, scale, zoom, slow release, find, set and other commonly used key, Up to But how does it feel like it? So, we look through the actual evaluation to see it:

Feel more comfortable, text, key layout between the easy, even if it is not a long time to see the tired. Because there is no use of text and key separation design, Light Remote Control  body relative to the same product space greatly saved; the same time, in the Light Remote Control  light can clearly see the text on the key guide. In all key bits, there are two keys that cause the author's idea, one is the mouse switch key; one is the key to learn the area. The former will make no need for an external mouse, you can achieve the mouse conversion function, user-friendly view of the page when the precise click to visit; the latter is the Light Remote Control  with a "merger" nature, integrated TV or other Light Remote Control  device commonly used buttons, In the back of the test explanation.

Light Remote Control  as a whole show similar to the human body streamlined, in the most commonly used in the back of the direction of the use of concave design, easy to user blind operation. The front panel is made of glossy finish material, the back panel is made of non-slip checkered material, while the button part of the use of soft transparent rubber material, feel comfortable workmanship. Battery cover part of the use of flexible plastic material to reduce the battery cover to reduce the risk of loss, very user-friendly.

Light Light Remote Control  match

Close all doors

10s inside the ignition key into, pull out more than 6 times (when the danger warning light flashes twice). Note that the action can not be too fast, otherwise the system can not enter the registration mode

The Light Remote Control  ID code is cleared by turning the ignition key into the ignition switch and turning to the ACC or ON position. Pressing any button on the new Light Remote Control  and the danger warning light flashes twice. This means that the thieves thieves even if you lose your Light Remote Control  can not open your car's doors and luggage

Open the driver's side door, the new Light Remote Control  and car match to complete, that is, the new Light Remote Control  ID code registration is completed

Press the Light Remote Control  button to check whether the function is normal