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DC Fan Control To Meet People's Lives In The Household Appliances Intelligent, Humane Needs
- Aug 04, 2017 -

At this stage, with the rapid development of electronic science and technology, the level of intelligent household appliances is also getting higher and higher, in order to meet people's lives in the home appliances intelligent, humane needs, voice recognition technology used in household appliances will be To avoid. Speech recognition technology is also very important for the realization of human-computer interaction, if a good solution to the speech recognition technology, and this technology will be applied to real life, which will give people a big change in life, Improve people's lives steps to promote social development. At present, the recognition rate of speech recognition system for medium and small vocabulary has reached more than 98%, and the recognition accuracy is higher for specific people. However, there are some problems in cost. Therefore, the speech recognition and control fan system is studied.

In OSC0, OSC1 port crystal and resonant capacitor, in the phase-locked loop access to the corresponding capacitor resistance, in the power supply and ground termination connected to 0.1UF decoupling capacitors, improve test interference.

In the SPCE061A master chip on the voice signal A / D conversion has a special conversion channel - sound analog - digital conversion channel. And the SPCE061A has a microphone amplifier circuit and an automatic gain control section. The automatic gain control section automatically adjusts the received microphone volume so that the system is not limited by the location at which the command was sent. SPCE061A internal microphone preamplifier circuit mainly by the input stage, intermediate level, the output stage consists of three parts, the input stage uses a differential amplifier circuit, which is the main component of the microphone preamplifier circuit, the differential amplifier circuit as an input stage Great advantage, can effectively inhibit the input side of the common mode interference, the input of the effective differential signal will not produce any interference. The voice recognition signal input circuit of the system is shown in the following figure. C23, C24 is used as a retreat capacitor to reduce the interference of noise signals to speech recognition.

Inverter air conditioner DC Fan Control motor, here said the method for indoor machine with outdoor unit, the motor is divided into five lines, respectively: 300 volts, 15 volts, ground, drive control, Hall feedback.

Because there is a DC Fan Control motor inside a circuit board, it can not directly measure the inside of the winding resistance, with a multimeter to measure the resistance of five lines, only two lines have resistance:

Drive control line ------ ground (227k)

15V power supply line ------ ground (37k) (here is to take Hisense DC Fan Control motor example, other brands did not test.)

Voltage measurement:

Plug the power but not boot, hand to stop the machine within the wind wheel or outside the fan leaves, black pen to ground, red pen then Hall feedback, the voltage between 0-24-0-24 volts between the normal operation, DC Fan Control 11V (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning as an example)

DC Fan Control motor excitation method refers to the excitation of the winding how to generate excitation magnetic flux potential and the establishment of the main magnetic field problems. According to the different excitation methods, DC Fan Control motor can be divided into the following types:

1. He excited DC Fan Control motor

Excitation winding and armature winding without connection, and by other DC Fan Control power supply to the field winding DC Fan Control motor called he excited DC Fan Control motor. In the figure, M denotes a motor, and if it is a generator, it is represented by G. Permanent magnet DC Fan Control motor can also be seen as the DC Fan Control motor.

2. And DC Fan Control motor

The excitation winding of the DC Fan Control motor is connected in parallel with the armature winding. As a shunt generator, is the motor itself issued by the terminal voltage for the excitation winding power supply; as a shunt motor, the excitation winding and armature share the same power supply, from the performance of the same with his DC Fan Control motor.

3. Series DC Fan Control motor

The excitation winding of the DC Fan Control motor is connected in series with the armature winding and then connected to the DC Fan Control power supply. The excitation current of the DC Fan Control motor is the armature current.

4. Compound DC Fan Control motor

The compound DC Fan Control motor has two excitation windings. If the magnetic flux generated by the series winding is the same as the direction of the magnetomotive force generated by the shunt winding, If the two magnetic potential in the opposite direction, it is called differential excitation.

DC Fan Control motors with different excitation modes have different characteristics. In general, the main excitation mode of the DC Fan Control motor is the excitation mode, the series excitation type and the compound excitation mode. The main excitation mode of the DC Fan Control generator is the excitation type, the excitation type and the repetition type.