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DC Fan Control Intelligent, Humane
- Sep 27, 2017 -

At this stage, with the rapid development of electronic science and technology, the level of intelligent household appliances is also getting higher and higher, in order to meet people's lives in the home appliances intelligent, humane needs, voice recognition technology used in household appliances will be To avoid. Speech recognition technology is also very important for the realization of human-computer interaction,DC Fan Control if a good solution to the speech recognition technology, and this technology will be applied to real life, which will give people a big change in life,DC Fan Control Improve people's lives steps to promote social development. At present, the accuracy rate of speech recognition system recognition for medium and small vocabulary has reached more than 98%, and the recognition accuracy is higher for specific people. However, there are some problems in terms of cost, so the speech recognition control fan system is studied.

If you buy a new small electric fan, then before use, may wish to take a look at the instructions, according to the instructions on the instructions and images to the fan assembly, you can clearly understand the instructions in the fan of the Kind of function, perhaps you will feel the fan Well,DC Fan Control the power of a plug, press the key not to blow it? Then you may be out of the Oh, because now the market, but the fan, but the function is more and more. feel asleep as well to get up to close the fan,DC Fan Control so that their own cold at night, too painful, and later I finally bought a remote control fan ... ...


1. Energy efficiency, low energy consumption, long life; 2. Mobile APP program intelligent control; 3.7 fan blades, air even soft; 4.32 file stepless speed, the wind with the heart; 5.24 hours booking start, regular shutdown; Wind changes; 7. stunning can be out of the screen display, noble atmosphere, intimate power; 8. plasma fresh air breathing more healthy; 9. full-function remote control, heart control