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The use of the buzzer and its remote control
- Mar 07, 2017 -

The barker is a kind of electronic product that can stop the dog from barking. It is divided into remote control and no remote control. There is a remote control style that needs to be set by the receiver on the neck of the dog. After the various commands are issued by the remote control, the receiver on the dog receives the various commands and then performs the appropriate operation.

The main function of the main control function for the switch, to remind, adjust the frequency of vibration and so on. Even if the dog in the distance away from the owner of the barking, the owner can also remind the dog through the remote control quiet, but after all, the use of frequency vibration to remind the dog do not barking, high frequency vibration will produce dog Damage, so when using the barker is best to adjust the frequency of the receiver to a minimum, reducing the damage to the dog.