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Remote Control Ceiling Fan With Light

42/48/52-F3191 remote control ceiling fan with light can be AC or DC remote control.

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3, Ceiling fan light style choice:

The styles of ceiling fans nowadays are diverse, European classical, modern, simple, special for children's rooms, etc. In addition, they must be suitable for decoration styles.In the living room, the ordinary option is generous and elegant type. Children's bedroom can hung colorful design, such as pink and blue. NBA or football design’s fans are suitable for sports-loving boys. Leaf fans and bamboo fans are suitable for pastoral styles’ room.

Remote control ceiling fan with light has IR transmission and RF transmission.

For IR control, it’s point to point control and one remote can control many different receivers in 8 meter’s ranges of our remote control ceiling fan with light. In that case, the distance among each receiver need to be about 2 meters away to avoid interferences. 

For RF control, it can control the remote control ceiling fan with light in a the range of 30 meter diameter’s circle. 

The most obvious feature is multifunctional. It can has timer, led torch in the remote,2 channels for lights on/off , anion producing to purify the air or mist spray function etc. It’s suitable to used in living room and bedroom. 

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