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Low Profile White Ceiling Fan With Light

F6661A design ceiling fan with led light 3 blade and 6 blades option, hot sale in China. Model:42-F6661A Size:42"/1070mm Color:Spray Powder Paint – White, blue,black,chrome Blade:Plastic Motor: DC160 Control:Remote Control Carton Size:85x38x24cm³

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How to choose ceiling fan light?

 At present, there are various styles of ceiling fan lights on the market. “I would like to choose a ceiling fan light that is right for me. ” It's a bit more difficult to many people. There are too many styles. Sometimes you see all eyes are gone. Oh, here are a few good ways to teach everyone. Everyone saves time and effort and can pick the favorite ceiling fan light.

1, the choice of diameter

First explain the diameter: It refers to the diameter of the circle formed by the ceiling fan lamp when it rotates. It is called the rotation diameter in the industry. How to choose the size of the ceiling fan light according to the size of the space, although it can be decided according to personal preferences, but according to the following participation to choose, it will make the ceiling fan light from the size is moderate and suitable!

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