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52 Inch White Ceiling Fan With Light

Our 52 inch white ceiling fan with light F6661 has a very great sales record of 10,000pcs/month now.

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Let's take the bedroom for an example. In 10 m2‘s bedroom, which is also dominated by ceiling fan lights, how many watts lights should we choose? To be sure, choosing 3 lights/12-18W’s LED Light is sufficient. With three 13W light bulbs or 12-18W’s LED light, every corner of the room is bright. 52 inch white ceiling fan with light can be be for room area of 20 M. But for low ceiling bedroom, 52 inch white ceiling fan with light with only 32mm height,it's very good choice for low ceiling room. How do you think about our 52 inch white ceiling fan with light?

Welcome to buy the 52 inch white ceiling fan with light from our professional factory. As one of the certified China manufacturers and suppliers, we also offer the customized service and the wholesale service. Please be free to get the famous brands' products from us.
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